6 Easy Ways to Prepare for Moving Day

Don’t procrastinate to the day before your move to get to work. Starting a few weeks before the big day will ensure that when the time comes, all that has to be done is the labor. There are so many little things you can be doing in advance to make your actual moving day a breeze. Here are 6 easy ways to prepare for moving day!

1. Organize and Declutter

6 Easy Ways To Prepare For Moving Day moving boxes labeled for organization

Probably the most dreaded task next to packing so we will get it out of the way first! Go through each room and make a trash pile and a donation pile (and a storage pile if you’re putting some stuff in a storage unit). No need in transfering unnessary items to take up truck space and clutter your new home. Purging unused junk is great for the upcoming move, and for the soul! If you feel up to it, have a yard sale! Declutter and make a little cash, why not?

2. Liquidate the Kitchen

6 Easy Ways To Prepare For Moving Day freezer stocked full of food

Parishable foods don’t do well even on short distance moves, so start eating those frozen veggies and that ice cream! Even cleaning out the pantry of opened stuff and heavy cans will save you some stress on moving day (and some boxes).

3. Pack Room by Room

6 Easy Ways To Prepare For Moving Day moving boxes labled on the side

Packing room by room will spare you from gettting super overwhelmed and keep things organized. Lable boxes on the side you can easily see where they belong when they are stacked. Pro tip: Label boxes with numbers on a 1 to 3 scale, with 1 being important, open first.

4. Set Aside Important Items and Documents

6 Easy Ways To Prepare For Moving Day important documents

Passports, check books, medications, etc. should be seperated from everything else. Don’t put these things on the moving truck, pack them in a sperate box and carry them with you in your car or luggage.

5. Remove Distractions

6 Easy Ways To Prepare For Moving Day boy playing frisbee with dog

Send the kids and the dog to Grama’s house on moving day. It’ll be less stress for you, and for the movers!

6. Take Lots of Pictures

6 Easy Ways To Prepare For Moving Day close up of a camera

If you’re selling your home, be sure you document its condition before the moving crew shows up. Make a list, and take photos or video.

Follow these 6 easy ways to prepare for moving day, and you’ll be all set! Check out the link below for even more tips on prepping for your move, and leave us a comment with your favorite tips as well!