The shelves are bare, people are lining up for gas and water, I-75 is gridlocked with people trying to flee Florida. Every tv in every home is glued to the local weather. The state is in a panic, but there are a ton of ways to be ready for the storm other than stocking up with supplies. So let’s talk about getting prepared for Hurricane Irma and how Triple J’s Moving can help!

Getting Prepared For Hurricane Irma picture of Hurricane Irma heading towards Florida Getting Prepared For Hurricane Irma forecast path abc news

People get so panicked about stocking up on supplies, they often forget until the last minute that there are ways to prepare your home for a hurricane as well. Patio furniture, flower pots, swingsets/kids outside toys, garbage cans, outside decor….all of these can be extremely hazardous to you AND your neighbors if left outside or unsecured. With winds well over 150mph, these items and anything else left outdoors can and likely will become a projectile that could cause damage and/or serious injury to anyone nearby.

With the upcoming storm, and any storm, people tend to postpone moving. This leaves us plenty of availability to come help pack up your outside belongings and move them indoors, to your garage or shed, or to a storage facility. We don’t mind working in the rain either (as long as it is safe). We just want to help everyone riding out the storm with getting prepared for Hurricane Irma (and any other storm) and for everyone to be as safe as possible.¬†After the weather has cleared, we can come help move your things back outside. We can also help haul off any debris leftover from the storm.

Getting Prepared For Hurricane Irma pack up the patio

So give us a call, even if you just need a couple of items moved. And everyone stay safe and look out for each other!

For more tips on getting prepared for Hurricane Irma and info on shelters check the links below!