Hiring movers vs doing it yourself Family packing up the houseHiring movers vs doing it yourself. It can be one of the toughest decisions regarding your move.  You want to save money and be responsible for your own belongings, yet you don’t have a lot of time or the strength to lift heavy furniture. You may have friends and family willing to help, or you may be on your own stuck wondering how you are going to make your move happen. Whatever the case may be, the decision to do-it-yourself or call in the professionals will be an individual one based on a variety of factors. Time, ability, money, and distance just to name a few, all need to be taken in to consideration when weighing your options. So let’s take a look at the top factors to consider when making your decision about Hiring mover vs doing it yourself.

Hiring movers vs doing it yourself


If you’ve ever moved yourself, even just a small move, you know how time consuming it can really be. From packing to setting up house there will typically be many hours of labor in between. It depends on this size of your move and how many friends will lend a helping hand of course, but regardless it can be a very time consuming process.

Professional movers tend to get the job done much more efficiently than the average do-it-yourselfer. Experience plays a huge role in executing the perfect move. This is their job, they do it all day, every day. They are trained to know the safest and quickest way to perform each move just by a glance in to your home. So, if time is not a luxury, hiring a professional moving company may be the best option.


Even if you are in the best shape of your life, some things just better of being handled by the pros. Sure, you and your buddy may be capable of lifting that 2000lb Armoire, but is it safe? Your physical ability will play a huge role in choosing whether or not Hiring movers vs doing it yourself will be best for you. Movers have special equipment for transporting large or heavy items and are trained to use it. Is it worth dropping and damaging that antique desk and/or injuring yourself to save a few bucks? Making the choice to move on your own or hire movers will largely depend on the complexity of your move. If you just have a handful of boxes and couple couches it might be doable, but if there a very large, heavy, valuable pieces to be moved (think baby grand piano, pool table, jacuzzi) you might consider calling in the pros.


Probably the biggest factor in the decision between Hiring movers vs doing it yourself, will of course be money. You can for sure save a bundle rallying all your friends and bribing them with pizza and beer. What a lot of people don’t realize is that most moving companies offer a variety of different services to make a customized moving experience to fit almost any budget. You could cut time and still save money by just hiring movers to load or unload your own rental truck. Or if you have the muscle lined up to help you but no time to pack or disassemble/reassemble furniture just inquire about those specific services.


If you are just moving across town you may feel confident in handling your own move, but what if you’re moving across the state, or across the country? Hiring a moving company rather than nationwide van line or trucking company would be highly recommended. The larger nationwide companies will give you a super low price compared to a regular moving company, but you get what you pay for. They will often “transload” your items, meaning they will be on a truck with several other people’s belongings and will be unloaded and reloaded several times on stops along the way to your new zip code. This is not ideal, things are often lost, being mixed in with someone else’s things, and you get a very broad time frame of your items being delivered. If you can’t make the move yourself, hiring a local company that specializes in nationwide moves would be the best choice.

So give yourself some time in advance to plan and weigh the pros and cons of Hiring movers vs doing it yourself. The best option will be different for everyone so just take your time, and make the decision that best fits you and the moving experience you envision.